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In the first Pikmin game for the Nintendo Gamecube, there were three types of pikmin. Yellow, Red, and Blue Pikmin. Later games contained other types such as pink (flying) pikmin, rock pikmin, white pikmin, and now glow and ice pikmin as well. Yellow Pikmin are identifiable by their bright yellow coloration and large ears. They are the lightest weight pikmin, meaning that the player can throw them much higher in the air. This makes yellow pikmin extremely useful for reaching treasures located on high ledges or for attacking particularly tall enemies such as the Beady Long-legs. Yellow pikmin also have a secondary ability. In the first Pikmin game, yellow pikmin were the only pikmin type that could use bombrocks to clear certain obstacles. In Pikmin 2 and onward, the bombrock ability was replaced by yellow's immunity to electric shocks

Red Pikmin are the first Pikmin the player encounters in the game series. The first game starts with Captain Olimar crashlanding on a strange planet. He meets a little creature that he dubs a 'pikmin' that looks like a humanoid plant. The red pikmin aren't as versatile as the yellow pikmin, but they make up for this in combat ability. Red pikmin do substantially more damage to enemies than the yellow and blue pikmin are capable of. And since planet PNF-404 is quite hostile, reds are an incredibly useful ally

White flower similar to a pikmin flower

Finally, the last of the original three pikmin types is the blue pikmin. Blue Pikmin have gills and are the only pikmin to have the ability to swim. The other types all drown, and are very prone to accidentally wandering into water. The more water-heavy areas of planet PNF-404 require the use of a lot of blue pikmin. Just be careful though, blues are not very strong so approach battles carefully when you have a squad of them. It helps to make sure that your pikmin are in full bloom. All pikmin have a little flower that grows on the top of their head. When the flower is in full bloom, the pikmin moves much faster. So a team of flowering pikmin should be able to avoid or at least escape combat easily